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Of Time Travel, Beat Poets, and Boobies

It was not a good night.  An aching lower back and right hip, sleep apnea, a late night slice of pepperoni pizza followed by a dish of organic vanilla bean ice cream with pure maple syrup poured over it, topped off with real whipped cream, and a guilty conscience for all of the above fulfilled the promise of a restless night.

My “slumber” was disturbed, as usual, by the repeated beeping of my digital alarm clock with its blinking red numbers that matched the blood veins in my tired eyes announcing it was 4:30 a.m., time to rise, shine, and head for the local Baptist Healthplex to perform my daily ritual aimed at delaying my admission to paradise by extending my time in purgatory.

This morning was different.  Instead of grabbing a bottle of pure spring water on my way out the door, I chose to brew a cup of extra strong coffee on my way to my laptop computer, where I would waste an indeterminate amount of time feeding my brain cells, grey like the remaining hair that circles the bald top of my head, allowing only desirable sounds to enter through the two holes, artistically placed, one on each side.

Ignoring the news and thereby staving off the usual daily dose of depression until later, I directed my attention to the veritable feast of internet blogs waiting to be devoured, each one filled with opinions and insights as valuable as my own.

My dream of someday escaping reality by time travel was shattered when I read “Why time travel will remain a sci-fi fantasy.”  “Scientists have proved that a single photon obeys Einstein’s theory that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light and that time travel is therefore impossible” (1).

With that avenue of escape blocked, I turned to Leslea Newman’s memoir of being a student of Allen Ginsberg during the summer of 1979 at the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics.  Prior to that summer her image of “Ginzy” was a picture of the great poet “naked with love beads draped around his neck.”  What she encountered after knocking on his door, was a bearded old gentleman “in gray baggy pants, white cotton dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and striped maroon tie.”  Was she shocked, disillusioned, or disappointed?  She does not say, but she later found out that Ginsberg was once told by his guru that if he wanted to be taken seriously as a poet, he would have to wear a suit.  And so he did for the rest of his life.  (2)

There is good news for the new mother enjoying her cup of coffee while breastfeeding her newborn infant.  According to the blog, “Science of Mom,” the latte she is sharing with her newborn is far more milk than coffee.  In fact, the infant’s intake of caffeine is less than 10% of the mother’s.  So, mothers go ahead and enjoy that cup of coffee.  (3)

While on the subject of fresh, organic, booby milk for newborns, “OneGoodDad” posted a picture of three children eating bowls of Annie’s Macaroni and Cheese with their heads covered with blankets.  Why?  In order that they could relive the early days when their mother would take them out to lunch in public.  That blog received numerous comments.

One reader recalled when 37 years earlier while shopping in Gimbels Department Store, “I conveniently sat down in an easy chair in the furniture department and proceeded to nurse my son.”  When confronted by another, more sophisticated lady who informed her that the ladies room was a more appropriate venue, she replied that her son was not going to eat in les toilettes des dames.

One reader, “Anna,” noted that “some of the best supporters of breast feeding women are the men who love them.”  That should come as no surprise.  As any happily married woman can testify, boys never get over the pleasure of well-formed boob. (4)

Well, it’s time to stop wasting time reading blogs.  There are important things to be done before the curtain falls on another exciting day in the life of yours truly.  But first I need to check my Facebook page, and I want to see if I can find on YouTube the song I heard last night on PBS’s program, Independent Lens.  Then there’s Twitter, email, etc., etc., etc.

Have a good day, and remember to be good to all God’s creation and always walk under the mercy.

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