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  1. Enjoyed your entry on Gene Autry very much. I was not a great western fan, but went to many weatern movies with uncle Edwin. I used to go with him on saturday. We would take the bus to downtown Bay city. I was 6 years old at the time. Many great memories!!!


  2. Enjoyed the article on Gene Autry. I was not a great western fan, but went to many western movies with my uncle Edwin. Edwin was a great fan of Gene Autry and Roy Rogers. I got to like them, but not like Uncle Ed. This brings back many memories. We had five great theaters in downtown Bay City, Mi. We would take the bus from granpa’s to downtown, go to the movie, then the Red Lion for a hot dog. I was six years old at the time and Edwin was seven. At 74 now, it still seems like only yesterday


  3. I enjoyed reading about your father’s dream. But I think he may not
    have realize his dream but I think you may have learned from him
    to realize yours. He was happy and he had a wonderful wife who
    followed him whereever the rainbow with the pot of gold was.


  4. Paul, your recent comment on the blog was quite intersting. I hope you accomplish your dream. I know you can.


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