PAUL R. WAIBEL is Professor of History Emeritus at Belhaven University. He has published numerous articles and reviews in scholarly journals, periodicals, reference works, and anthologies, and is author of Western Civilization: A Brief History, Martin Luther: A Brief Introduction to His Life and Works, Quiknotes: Christian History, Politics of Accommodation: German Social Democracy and the Catholic Church, 1945-1959, Belhaven College, and coauthor with Michael D. Richards of Twentieth-Century Europe: A Brief History, and Twentieth-Century Europe: A Brief History, 1900 to the Present. He resides in the historic town of Staunton in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

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  1. Hey Dr. Waibel, this is Kevin. You have a pretty cool website. I will try to get to reading your article “Having Fun with History.” See you in class on thursday!


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