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A Short Sequence of Thoughts on Creationism

I recently read this blog essay and found it very interesting and thought provoking. Hence, I want to pass it along to my readers.

Sanctum in Heremis

I’ll admit first that I haven’t watched the Bill Nye/Ken Ham debate, whose hype induced me to write this essay, and I probably won’t. I have also invested very little of the past five or six years into investigating the specifics of the creationism controversy, which I am aware still smolders in Evangelical circles.

Some autobiographical information may account for my present general apathy. Defending young earth creationism (YEC) was a major church-culture thing when I was a kid, and the typical centerpiece of apologetics ministry. I traveled to an Answers in Genesis conference with a church group when I was about eleven, and met Ken Ham there. Ham also taught adult Sunday School once in my little Baptist church. (My father, who has no particular leaning on YEC, personally found him evasive.)

My parents did their best to supply me with apologetics materials as my intellect budded. Some, for…

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Guest Post: Depression, and the Science Behind Positive Affirmations

Guest Post: Depression, and the Science Behind Positive Affirmations.