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E-mergency: A Fun Book for Children and Adults

E-mergency! by Tom Lichtenheld

Like all really good books for children, E-MERGENCY! By Tom Lichtenheld and Ezra Fields-Meyer (2011) will be enjoyed as much by the adult reader as the child being read to. It is a very colorful book. The use of color and the detailed artwork contribute to the feeling that there is, indeed, an emergency.
What is the emergency? Well, the letter E lives in a BIG house with her other twenty-five companions. One morning while hurrying down the stairs, a little too fast to breakfast, E slipped and fell. J walked across the street to where the numbers lived. 911 was called. The EMTs soon arrived with an IV and ready to perform CPR on injured E. Having determined that E needed TLC and an X-RAY, E was taken to the ER.
With E recuperating in the hospital, A assembled the entire remaining alphabet. It was quickly decided that O, being the most well-rounded letter in the alphabet family, would have to take E’s place until she recovered from her accident.
Needless to say, O had to work very hard taking E’s place in all of the words. After all, E is the most frequently used letter, and O is the third most frequently used letter. Not only was O burdened with an enormous task, but much confusion resulted. Just imagine having to road words whoro all of the Es have boon roplacod with Os. Fortunately E does recover just in timo for thE End of the story.
Tom Lichtenheld’s illustrations are excellent. I like to imagine him smiling as he works on telling the story in pictures. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Ezra Fields-Meyer is high school student form Los Angeles and creator of an animated short, “Alphabet House.”
I simply loved this book. As a father who took great joy in reading to my two daughters when they were little, I found myself wishing I had some children on the sofa next to me to read to them this book.

Until next time, be good to all God’s creation and always walk under the mercy.